Why Studioprose

I selected the name StudioProse because I wanted a site name that represented both of my creative interests.

Studio because I have been a painter for nearly 50 years. My work has changed considerably through time with both an evolving style and experimentation with many mediums. I have sold numerous works although this site will show only my most recent work which is more abstract but focuses on the two driving interest of my work: Texture and Color.

I speak more about the specifics of my work in the Artist’s Statement section as well as individual comments on the origins of specific paintings. I also intend to blog about my ongoing investigations, work, insights and discoveries as I continue to explore.

Prose because I love the rhythm of words. I have published one book and have written an assortment of essays & poems, some of which I will post in the Prose section of the website. I’ve also included two pieces from my book, Kent Island The Land That Once was Eden. This was my thesis project in the MLA program at Johns Hopkins and was published by the Press at The Maryland Historical Society.

In 2007 I was awarded a Maryland State Arts Council Individual Artist Award in the playwriting category for my screenplay “Divine Intervention” (as yet unproduced) which chronicles my adventures in 1960’s Baltimore & friendship with future John Waters’ star Divine. I also intend to utilize the blog section of this website to comment on current paintings or to share my experiences of writing.

Thank you for visiting! I appreciate your interest and welcome your comments. I can be contacted here or at the link above.

Artist’s Statement

Landscape is a continuous thread in my work, although my paintings have moved over time from realistic to the abstract. I am interested in the colors and textures of the natural world, the form, texture and flow of organic shapes, the play of air, space, weather and light, the repeated patterns of nature. Many of my paintings celebrate the stripes I see in our nature world: the ribbons of color in a sky, the hues of a distant treeline or a receding range of mountains, the striped mosaic of field and hedgerow, the patterns left by waves on wet sea sand. My definition of landscape can vary from the pattern of waves on a beach or the dense grasses of a marsh to the small landscapes I see in tinier worlds – the mountains in a seashell, the hills and rivers in an autumn leaf. As a writer, I am also interested in painting my impressions or emotions of a moment or fragment of my life experience. “Night Fishing On Piney Creek” is such an example as it was created from the memories of the star-filled iridescent nights of my childhood experiences on Kent Island. Nature is not just what I see but what I feel as well. Thus I seek to express the mood of a landscape, the intangible and spiritual that is always present if I will but see and listen.