When I was a child
There was a holiness
About the woods

Still, now, on this
Lone undeveloped corner
As we sit at a red light

I glimpse it.

There were trees here once
Broad and thick
But they have passed

Do fragments of what once was
Still echo is microscopic cells
Of this soil.

And there were farmer’s fields once
Dug, riveted
And lush with corn and fruit

Gone too.

Beach poem 1

cobalt sky
green-blue water
surf beating a
tan grey shore of
shell mosaics
salt smell

Beach poem 2

fat women, skinny men with
red chests
fat men and women with
high protruding bellies
stagger in the deep dry sand
carrying umbrellas, chairs and coolers

the slim bikinied young pass by
in their perfection and children
mindful only of fun
build castles in wet sand and
frolic near the pounding surf

people of all sizes
pedal bikes
chasing health
in their weekend recess
the dolphins swim by unnoticed

The magical movement of leaves
the tenaciousness of squirrels
black-capped chickadee song
dancing hummingbirds
rosemary tree
tiny lilies
our deck in summer.

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