I have always loved words. Books were a sanctuary when I was a child, and I have continued to read for entertainment, information, and inspiration. The rhythms and patterns of the written word resonate with me. I am charmed and seduced by their ability to create place and mood, action and emotion on a page. Thus, I’ve been pulled to write as well, more so as I’ve gotten older. The prose section of my website includes a mixture of such projects:

A book: “Kent Island, The Land That Once Was Eden” which began as my Master’s thesis at Johns Hopkins University.

Essays: These cover a jumble of topics, mostly memoir & personal experience and Maryland history. I am, however, open to subjects that the muse presents.

Poems: I don’t think of myself as a poet and I don’t work at it, but here they are. They appear sporadically, somewhat like a lightening bolt of thought, and if there is a pencil nearby, I write them down.

Blog: The blog on this site is related to my work as a painter and writer. It includes posts about specific works as well as experimentations, themes, discoveries, and the inspiration of other artists.