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Beach Poems 1 & 2

Beach poem 1

cobalt sky
green-blue water
surf beating a
tan grey shore of
shell mosaics
salt smell

Beach poem 2

fat women, skinny men with
red chests
fat men and women with
high protruding bellies
stagger in the deep dry sand
carrying umbrellas, chairs and coolers

the slim bikinied young pass by
in their perfection and children
mindful only of fun
build castles in wet sand and
frolic near the pounding surf

people of all sizes
pedal bikes
chasing health
in their weekend recess
the dolphins swim by unnoticed

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Beach 7


Beach 7 – Acrylic on Canvas –8” x 8”

This painting is 7th in a series of observations of pattern and color variations while walking a deserted stretch of beach.


The sand was two-toned — grey and mucky, almost claylike alongside a more golden grainy sand. I was especially interested in the faint patterns left by beach foam in the wet gray areas and the small fragments of shell and flotsam deposited there.


The patterning was achieved by imprinting and carving into an undercoat of acrylic medium. Thin washes of color were applied at different stages so that they would settle into the impressions left once the medium had dried. Additional paint was applied with both brush and dropper.

Janet Whittle Freedman
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