Beach 6


Beach 6 – Acrylic on Canvas –8” x 8”

This painting is 6th in a series inspired by natural patterns observed on an ocean beach.


I was walking a nearly deserted beach late in the season and was intrigued by a series of lines and furrows in the wet sand and wondered about their source. The lines were generally bulging but etched or inverted in others as though some small mollusk or wriggling insect were tunneling in a wavering pattern just below the surface.


The lines in the painting were formed with acrylic medium which I coaxed into shape with cotton swabs, and the painting employs a number of additional techniques including acrylic glazes, alcohol resist and liquid paints applied with brush and dropper.

Janet Whittle Freedman
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    We love your content. Regards from Pissouri Bay Divers from Cyprus!

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