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The Creek at Morning


The Creek at Morning – Acrylic Painting on Canvas – 20” x 20”

As a child, I spent many hours on the creek near my grandmother’s farm on Kent Island. This acrylic painting springs from memories of time spent at the creek in the early morning. In my childhood there was a dock to which were tied a dozen rowboats or skiffs. Anchored in the deeper water of the creek were the workboats of local watermen. I liked to be there when the watermen were preparing for work, the early morning mist enveloping both the water and shore, fusing them in a muted composition in blues and greens. I patterned the acrylic paint with modeling paste, cloth imprints and alcohol resist, using both brush and painting knives to suggest both the seen and the hidden in this early morning world of water and mist.

The landing at Piney Creek had been in public usage since the 1700’s and was maintained by the county for many years, making it an established public thoroughfare. The newest owner(s) of adjacent property has now blocked off the road, claiming the property as their own. They have installed a tall chain link fence and put up no trespassing signs. A sad example of how the rich and powerful have their way in this world as we lose treasured places.

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