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October – Acrylic Painting on Canvas – 34” x 46”

Autumn’s arrival never fails to startle me. I am, I think, drunk with summer’s bounty of splendorous greenery and trips to the beach, so that I do not always notice that, almost imperceptibly, the lighting begins to turn softly golden. Then tree leaves change from verdant green to yellow, orange, red, ochre and brown. The sky becomes more intensely blue. October is here. My intention with this painting was to capture the exuberance of autumn as it brightly sweeps in to overtake summer; to capture the experience of a walk through scattering leaves on a breezy October day.

This acrylic painting is done on canvas, utilizing both opaque paint and transparent glazes. Organic patterns were created with modeling paste imprinted with textured cloth, and both splattered pigment and alcohol resist were used.

Janet Whittle Freedman
Artist / Author
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